How to Improve Your Work Culture while Moving Your Business

//How to Improve Your Work Culture while Moving Your Business

How to Improve Your Work Culture while Moving Your Business

Improving work culture can be a big task, especially if you combine it with a big change such as a move. Some people get stuck in their ways and can be resistant to change but keeping a positive mindset throughout the process will help. Use moving as an opportunity to tweak any culture changes for the better. Below are a few ways to improve work culture while moving the business:


Communication is important throughout the entire moving process. Be upfront about the changes and address any questions directly to avoid hearsay. Moving affects all your employees. Make sure to communicate before, during, and after the move to ensure everyone’s on the same page and keep morale high.

Talk about the Culture

Be upfront and define what the culture is in the workspace. It shouldn’t be a secret and your employees will talk about it regardless so make sure they’re on the same page. Actively engage with employees and make sure everyone feels confident they know the expectations.

Involve your Team During the Moving Process

If you’re designing a space from scratch, involve your team and ask what elements of an office would improve their work day. They may have noticed a more efficient way of working and would love to have input on the new space. This can help keep positive energy and promote teamwork.

Make Moving Fun

There are many logistics that go into moving in addition to running the business. Instead of stressing, plan a few days where employees can embrace the change and work together to complete the big task.

Encourage Growth

Moving is an exciting growth opportunity for the business and also an exciting time for each employee. Employees make up a big part of the business; make sure to remind them they are appreciated for all their hard work.

Celebrate Away from the Office

A great workplace culture expands beyond the business’s building. Do something fun outside of the office for people to celebrate the move and connect with each other on a deeper level than inside the workspace.

Be patient

Some people may be skeptical about all the changes ahead. Make sure leadership is setting the example and living the culture and others will follow.

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