Ways to Involve Your Team When Moving Your Business

//Ways to Involve Your Team When Moving Your Business

Ways to Involve Your Team When Moving Your Business

Moving your business is an exciting time but can be stressful with all the decisions preparing for it. Engage your team as much as you can. Some employees may be resistant to change and have a difficult time embracing it.

Here are a few ways to involve your team when moving your business:

Communication is important throughout the entire moving process. Be upfront about the changes and address any questions directly to avoid hearsay. Moving affects all your employees. Make sure to communicate before, during, and after the move to ensure everyone’s on the same page including your customers. Advantage moving and storage

Address large concerns like where the new building will be located and the timeline of the moving process. Details like packing instructions, parking, key fobs, and office locations will all need to be discussed as well.

Ask for Feedback
If you’re designing a space from scratch, involve your team and ask what elements of an office would improve their work day. They may have noticed a more efficient way of working and would love to have input on the new space. This can help keep positive energy during a difficult time. Look for ways to improve the way you work now. What don’t they like about the current layout? Your employees will be your best source for information.

Team Leaders
Appoint someone from each department to be in charge of their group. There are many moving pieces to organize and having one person manage things can help lines of communication. Choose someone you know will communicate clearly.

Delegate Roles 
Moving your business is not only a big deal for your employees, but for your customers too! Delegate roles with your team to make sure all your customers are aware of what’s going on too. Advantage moving and storage

Marketing may need to create flyers, update the website, post on social media, or create signage for the new space

Sales and customer service should make sure all your customers are aware of the new location

Accounting / HR will have many documents that will need to have an updated address

Will the purchasing system change if you have one?

IT may be in charge of the computers, new phone systems or location of the servers

Have someone manage things like the timeline, communication and schedule. Delegate roles within your team so the workload doesn’t fall on one person and each department can help where applicable.

Answer Questions
Employees are going to have many questions throughout the moving process. Having a central person or location to yield these questions will help. Include as many resources possible to help ensure everyone is on the same page and can access the information they need.

Celebrate the big move! Host an open house and invite some of your customers or keep it simple with just employees. This can set the tone moving forward and shows you are excited about the move.

Once you have made the decision to relocate, our professionally trained staff can work with you to determine what your moving needs are and how we can best assist you with your office relocation. Contact us here.

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