Moving your company’s equipment and technology is a big task. You want to work with a moving company you can trust to move expensive equipment such as your computers. Find one that will take the time to understand your specific business needs, workplace aspirations, and important timelines to make sure that the transition process does not hinder the daily productivity of your business. The last thing you want is to lose your company’s data when moving to your new office. Here’s some tips for the best and safest way to move computers.

Work with your IT department to coordinate the logistics of disconnecting everything and make sure to back up all the data before you move.

This may be obvious, but confirm movers know which boxes are the computers. Label everything- you want to make sure they are especially careful with these fragile items.

Stay organized- keep the cords together and label them if necessary. Include all other pieces such as keyboards, power cords, surge suppressors, your mouse, and cables. Place them in a bag or box with the computer they go with and have all your employees follow the same process to ensure consistency.

We have the perfect combination of skill and efficiency to get your equipment packed and transported on time and in good order. Safely pack the computers in the correct size box and bubble wrap or Styrofoam to eliminate any damages during the move.

It’s important to have confidence in the company responsible for relocating anything sensitive. Our installation technicians have years of experience with the proper training, appropriate tools, and innovative moving solutions to carry out the most seemingly difficult equipment relocations. Trust us to get your equipment where it belongs safely and on time. We are proud to be among the most trusted movers in Chicago, IL! Read a few customer testimonials to hear how happy our customers have been in trusting Advantage Moving and Storage with their move.