When searching for new office space, it’s important to find something that will not only will fit your needs now, but down the road as you grow too. Think about your business objectives and goals. What is best for your employees and clients? Consider these internal and external factors when searching for a new commercial space.

Internal Factors

What is the work style of your business? A new building can completely change the workplace culture. If your business has outgrown its current space, determine what things are necessary for your employees before the move.

Meeting Rooms
If it’s a daily battle to reserve your one conference room, it may be time to look for a space that has multiple meeting room options to accommodate.

Employee Workspace
Does every employee need an office or cubicle? An open and collaborative floorplan with shared seating can help improve communication if it’s an option. Look for ways to improve the way you work now.

Office Space
Is there room for your company to grow? Maybe you don’t need a lot of space right now but plan to hire more employees within the year. Find something that will accommodate your future needs without needing to revisit moving again to save money. You might be able to negotiate a shorter lease term if you are unsure.

Is it too big? You might not need a giant warehouse right now that will save on cost. Sometimes spending money on lavish space can send the wrong message to clients for them to question if they’re paying too much for your services. Find a happy medium.

Does your business have a shipping dock that requires trucks to enter and exit daily? If so, you’ll need to consider the accessibility and space required before you move. Perhaps the suburbs are a better option than a major city.

Look for a building that makes sense for your employees and future employees. Will you lose key people if the new location is too far from the current one to drive up commute times? You may need to look for train accessibility in your next move. If you’re located in an area where most of your employees are driving, having ample parking space would be important.

External Factors

Consider these external factors when searching for a new commercial space.

Location. Location. Location. If you’re a coffee shop that people want to pick up quickly on their way into work, then real estate is extremely important. Figure out visibility, traffic patterns and busy streets that will make it easy for your customers to access.

Whether it’s a customer or supplier, look at outside factors like the surrounding business around you. Make sure the area has a good reputation. Are there competitors nearby? Are you in a noisy area that will be distracting? These are things look for in a new space.

Does the parking lot have enough space for visitors? Will customers have to pay for parking? Is it easy to accessible for people with disabilities? Make sure to do plenty of research beforehand.

If you’re looking to save costs on a building by moving to the suburbs, consider if moving from a large city means the possibility of losing clients and determine if it’s worth it.

Do you need to be close to an airport because your staff travels a lot? Is there a global presence that you have clients coming in frequently? Travel times are important.

Similar to being near an airport, will clients or staff need to stay overnight frequently? Look at surrounding lodging and travel times.

If you’re a business that hosts people often and takes customers out to eat, the area surrounding yours is extremely important. Make sure to research the area for restaurants and entertainment nearby.

Are there any big projects that are planned near the new space? If there’s a new strip mall going up next door that will take several years to develop, will that impact parking or accessibility for your customers? Noise issues could be a concern for operations.

Make a list of all your concerns and find a space that fits your needs. Once you have made the decision to relocate, our professionally trained staff can work with you to determine what your moving needs are and how we can best assist you with your office relocation. Contact us here.